Tuesday, 15 September

Today we began to develop ideas for the project using the research we collected. I'm glad I did more research than was needed because it made it easier to think of possible concepts, especially on the "Practitioner" front. To spur ideas, I blindly pointed, from a list, to different practitioners I researched, materials, and processes. By creating this list of random permutations, I was able to narrow them down to combinations that either seemed like a good blend or catalysed some sort of concept. Some of the line-ups that I found more promising were: 

  • Droog + Earth + Balance 
  • Kate Moross + Cotton + Appliqué
  • Droog + Cotton + Cover 
  • Ai Weiwei + Feathers + Balance 
  • Droog + Concrete + Appliqué


From this list, I plan to start brainstorming possible concepts. I've remembered a story a tutor I had on a short course in Illustration at the Art Center College in Pasadena. As he taught the regular degree Illustration course at the school, he told us about a student of his, who for every assignment given, would produce three different versions. In this regard, I'm thinking once I have about three legitimate ideas, I'll select the one I find best to present. 

Wednesday, 16 September

Today I started working on concepts to narrow down for the presentation. I had four ideas i was considering: 

  • A concrete wall planter made to look like plastic mesh fencing that would grow small buds and blossoms on it (inspired by a chanel appliqué and beaded top) 
  • a nest-like chair to sit on a cantilevered branch-like holder 
  • a cotton wrapped chandelier 
  • left-handed writing utensil 


I decided to develop the left-handed writing utensil idea. I feel that it's most suited to me as I suffer from the same graphite and ink smudged palms south paws constantly experience. The idea seemed the most conceptual and not as straight forward as the other possibilities. Using the research I had already done and some additional material, I created a presentation for the concept, along with photos of my sketches for the idea. 

Thursday, 17 September

Today, we presented our concepts that we've been working on. I found the communal-style of presentation and feedback really interesting as it's something I've never really experienced before in academic settings. Because I had a lost voice and we were short on time, I had to communicate my idea quickly and thoroughly, which I hope I did successfully (and audibly). The assignment was a good practice of creating and developing ideas quickly, and I enjoyed seeing how everyone else interpreted the task. 

Sunday, 20 September

Today I went to see the screen set up in Golden Square in Soho for London Fashion Week where they were showing live streams of the shows.  I went to see the Mary Katrantzou show stream. The SS16 collection, titled 'Cosmology' featured lots of sequins and prints, in its "exploration of exploration" . I think it's great that this set-up has given some  access to the exclusive shows (with what could be considered the best seat in the house) in a communal area versus just viewing it online as I normally would have.



(Photo: my own)


Monday, 21 September

Today, we started working on typography at Archway. To begin, we focused on creating certain letters out of small pieces of paper by just cutting, tearing, or folding. I was exploring letters cut out except at the bases so they could fold up and stand out of the paper. I started experimenting with different type styles using this idea. Some letters I tried to stand up were composed of stripes and some were just focused on stripping the letter down to the bare minimum. For the next step, we were told we would eventually turn these into 2D, so I realised my extremely 3D letters wouldn't translate in 2D. I started creating some striped letters but decided they were two safe and other similar fonts have already been created. My next and final idea were letters composed of outlines with breaks, so essentially the letters were never closed. Upon the tutors suggestion, I then refined them to see how much of the type I could take away while still holding the forms of the letters suggestive enough to recognise.  The final photograph of the whole word on tumblr I will have to re-take as the tutor pointed out the letters were too easily deciphered from the distance I took the photo. I will need to take a closer shot of the word so the process I used translates better in the picture. 


Tuesday, 22 September

Today, we started working on two typography projects. The first is more traditional as it's a single letter silk screen printed in red and black ink. The second is a digital rendering of an illustrated letter using illustrator. Following up on the type I created yesterday, I completed an alphabet of the same sort to choose a letter from. I started making the stencils to screen print. Since my idea for the letters I drew was about the eye and how our vision makes sense and connects the incomplete letters. Because of this, for the stencil, I'll use an "I" (for eye). Since the tutor said it would be too much work to screen print a snellen chart of "I"s, I think I'll create it digitally once we've finished the project. I'm still getting the hang of illustrator as I'm so used to using just photoshop, but I think I want to make an illuminated "C", from the unfinished alphabet I drew, with an illustration of a cactus I just got, which I've named (C)arl as well.

Thursday, 24 September

Today at Archway we silkscreened our letters in red and black ink. Yesterday I cut two stencils of the letter "I" that's incomplete with rounded edges. To print it in multiple colours, I decided to print the red and then the black layer identically but just offset to give a 3D illustration vibe. It's really minimalist and simple. Printing was really cool because I've never screen printed with just a newsprint stencil. For the project, I don't know if I would've done anything differently. I might scan the print into illustrator and play around with it a bit in addition. Though, I'm really pleased with the final product that was one pretty much perfect print. 

Monday, 28 September

Today we started the poetic cardboard project. I'm a little apprehensive as I don't have much experience with film/moving image. My group was given the words "industrial" and "projection". For industrial, I was thinking about industrial sites and industrial production. It brought me to the idea of plastics, which perception about has changed over the years. It used to be seen as a magic material that lasts ages, like the famous quote from the film 'The Graduate', but since it's been noted to harm the environment and our health in its production and disposal. There's a huge problem with the amount of plastic in the oceans, especially the 'island' of plastic in the Pacific. Our group will make a small clip about plastic to project somewhere industrial. 

Tuesday, 29 September

Today we took the still for the poetic cardboard project. Our group collected plastic from various places, including the pavement, to assemble. We created a mound of plastic that we photographed against a wall in the granary. We then stood side by side and projected the image onto our backs for the still shot. The photo needs cropping to get the right frame of the projection. For the second part of the project, we are going to go to the Battersea power station, a well-known London industrial site, to project our clip on plastics. 

Thursday, 1 October

Today we presented the Poetic Cardboard Projects. I think the presentation went alright and spurred an interesting conversation in the room. I think the biggest challenge with the assignment was the short deadline. I think I performed well in the group, but I'm not sure if I picked up other members' slack too much. I think the video turned out well and the projection concept was great. If we had enough time and better materials to pull it off, it would've been pretty cool. For the next group project, I think I need to help delegate amongst group members better to get the best outcome possible. But overall, I think the concept for our group was good and we brainstormed together well. 

Monday, 5 October

The layout project started today. After we did the intro newspaper cutting project, I went out to take pictures of the objects/places on the list the tutors gave us. I took some photos of house windows and walkways, but then I started taking pictures of the buses coming down the street. I want to do layouts inspired by the configuration of the windows and doors on the sides and back of the London buses. The tutor seemed to like the layouts I'd done thumbnails of and thought I should focus on London buses for the booklet on thursday. On my way home, I took a ton of very stream of consciousness photos of the bus I was on, bus details, other buses from inside the bus, buses on the street, the bus station, and bus stops. I'm going to use these in the final project. 

Tuesday, 6 October

Using the photos I took on the way home yesterday, I narrowed them down to some of the best. I used the best photos and compiled them in InDesign using a few of the layouts I drew yesterday. The tutor yesterday had said that even the correct shade of red automatically registers in Londoners heads as the buses. For the front and back cover, I went with a very primary palette of the bus red and slightly translucent blue. I did some digital doodles of buses that I put on the covers. Because of the nature of the booklet, I decided that I should include my text on the back cover so the viewer can draw their own conclusions before reading about my idea. I wanted it to come off very secret note-like. I think the project can still use some tweaking somewhere that I'll have to figure out tomorrow. 

Thursday, 8 October

In the morning, with the help of the tutor, I simplified the cover and some of the inside of the booklet. I'm really pleased with the text on the back cover as well. Though, when it came time to print, I forgot to flip some of the pages so a couple are upside down and out of order. When we displayed the booklets for crit, I made sure to keep the proper version open on my computer next to it. Besides the printing mishap, I'm really happy with the final product. The feedback from the crit said that my covers were dynamic and eye-catching, and that they really liked the text on the back which I'm very pleased about. I think I communicated the concept well and the booklet/layouts reflects this. I'm not sure if there's anything I want to develop further but I'd say the main challenge of the project was the short timeframe. 

Monday, 12 October

For the unfamiliar place, I went to Brick Lane over the weekend. I took lots of pictures and did some sketches. I noticed the diverse groups and how the street changes the further you go. For the sketch of the plate, I wanted to incorporate the different elements of Brick Lane's identity. I did a sketch with lots of graffiti/tags I saw, flyers, neon lights, and an old Bangladeshi lady from one of my pictures. I wanted it to be really busy and I even overlapped some graffiti on the woman's garment. 

Tuesday, 13 October

I transferred my sketch to the plate today and started cutting it. I didn't realise how difficult it would be to cut as I'm used to using linoleum and lino cutters when I make relief prints. I think actually making the plate was the most difficult part of the project for me, especially as the image I drew is quite complicated. I think if we were able to print our plates in any colour, I would do flouro pink since there were so many florescent colours on Brick Lane. Once we have finished the project I think I might experiment with this.

Wednesday, 14 October

Today I went to the first day of the Frieze London.

Thursday, 22 October

Today we printed our images. The process was quite different to the simpler one I do when relief printing. I really enjoyed it though and found the printing press in the studio quite cool. I like my final prints that came out. The drawing translated really well. I'm not sure there's anything I would've wanted to do differently, but I feel like I could've gone more out there with my choice of unfamiliar place. Overall, I'd say the most challenging thing with the project was cutting the plate. I went very detailed which was quite tricky and time consuming to cut and peel out. Regardless, the prints came out well. I think once I get the plate back, I will experiment printing it in different colours. 


Tonight, as well, I went to the A.P.C store opening in Notting Hill. 

Thursday, 29 October

Tonight, I went to the Veuve Clicquot The Widow Series: A Beautiful Darkness exhibition. It was curated by Nick Knight and Show Studio. The event was at the Old Central Saint Martins building and had a bit of a haunted house-esque theme. There were performances, a live taxidermist, films, and gallery-like spaces. The exhibit was intended to focus on the senses. The event also had an interactive element as I was approached and led around by a sort of "ghost" woman who showed me around a vaporised fragrance room. 

Monday, 2 November

For the Interaction project, my partner and I were given the quote "So on the twelfth I proudly wear the sash my father wore". It's from the Irish Orange marches commemorating a battle. As part of the marches, everybody wears the orange sashes. The chant can be interpreted as quite triumphalist, but as we researched into it further, we found out that it can also be interpreted to be about bringing separated loved ones back together. For our interaction, we want to make decorated oranges to hand to people in return for some kind of story. We are going to create some questions to ask that relate to the quote somehow. We want to keep the project more photography-based. For locations, we're thinking of Soho, Borough Market, Old Street, Brick Lane, and Hyde Park.  

Tuesday, 3 November

Last night, I added eyes and confetti eyebrows to oranges. This morning, we presented our idea to the tutor in the tutorial which went well. For our first location, we went to Hyde Park and asked people either about their first love or the best thing a parent had taught them. Once we had heard and recorded their stories, we gave them an orange and took a photo of them posing with it. We went to Soho and Carnaby Street to do the same as well. Once we were done, I compiled the photos we took with the quotes my partner recorded for each person we met to present. 

Monday, 9 November

For white space, I started brainstorming what I think white space means. I came up with ideas involving a lot of minimalism, and began thinking about how white space can be seen as giving us a rest, like time to take a breath. So, for the manifesto, I wrote "Don't be afraid of blank space" very small in the centre of the page. I think often there is a fear of minimalism and temptation to fill every space possible. This could further be interpreted to relate to our behaviour. I want to explore this in my concept for the project. 

Tuesday, 10 November

In the tutorial today, I presented a couple ideas. The most promising one though, was my idea for a pillow that makes sound. I came up with this as I was thinking about ideas that could provide a rest or time to take a breath. I want to put headphones inside a pillow that I can play "white noise" out of. These would be sounds I record that we usually don't notice like subtle ticking or "silences" that we don't realise have small noises in them. The pillow would play these sounds at the perfect volume that you would only be able to hear them if you actually lay your head on it.

Thursday, 11 November

Yesterday I created the pillow and recorded sounds for it to play so today I presented it. For some reason, I suspect because the headphones I put in the pillow are noise-cancelling, they refused to play my sound recordings that were .m4a files. Because of this, my presentation was a lot more conceptual than I would've liked. I was able to present the pillow though, which seemed to be received well, and my thinking behind it. With more time, I think I will be able to figure out how to get the pillow to play my recordings. I think the biggest difficulty with the project was the intensive quality of it. I think it made it tricky to brainstorm ideas that could be achieved quickly, as the project creates a temptation to think large-scale. I am happy with my concept though, and think with more time I can perfect it. 


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